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10 iconic deep-voiced singers in pop music Music.

Can anybody suggest some male singers with throaty/scratchy voices Like Calvin Harris in Summer & My Way, but with less electronic/synth? No country music, please. Thanks so much! Edit: Thank you everybody! Lots of new goodies to feast my ears on <3. Edit 2: my first time on r/Music, and everyone has been so kind ♡ Thanks! This category includes: Singing in a local band for local establishments Hired solo singers Rock, country and pop singers seeking fame and fortune as recording artists Singing stars headed for the Broadway stage Opera singers Local event entertainers at fairs, special events, rodeos, sports events, etc. Jazz vocalists Professional singers are not just those who hope to break into show business.

11/11/2016 · 10 iconic deep-voiced singers in popular music Johnny Cash: Country for the masses. Country wouldn't be same if it hadn't been touched by Johnny Cash, whose placid voice strangely underscored his passionate lyrics, creating a unique and unparalleled contrast. 11/10/2014 · Title says it all. I know quite a bit, some obvious ones being DMX, Scarface, Chance The Rapper even though it’s not deep, still raspy, Ja Rule, etc, but let me know who else has got a raspy voice. The Raspier the better. I’m looking for one who I knew of, but haven’t been able to remember his name. When I See it I’ll know. The first time I heard Rob Thomas' voice I thought, well, it's not important what I thought and then I saw him and I felt like a dirty old woman. He looks so young, but that voice, sigh. Bono - mmm, yummy Chris Isaak - wow Bryan Adams - wonderful Robin Zander from Cheap Trick - my first crush after Shaun Cassidy And for voice and songwriting.

The beauty of the singer’s voice touches us in a place that’s as personal as the place from which that voice has issued. If one of the weird things about singers is the ecstasy of surrender they inspire, another weird thing is the debunking response a singer can arouse once we’ve recovered our senses. 22/06/2007 · Female singers with gritty, rough, or raspy voices? Can anyone suggest some female singers with rockier, grittier "sore throat" voices, like Pink, Joan Jett, or Ashlee Simpson? I'm open to all kinds of music, including indie stuff.

Rock bands with raspy lead voice?. I'm looking for bands with a raspy lead vocal male. Rock, Pop-rock, those kind. Examples so you know what I like and what I mean: Seether best example I have. The band contrasts the vocals by also having a female singer. Check them out, they haven't released a bad song. Edit. Who were the most successful male singers of the 90s? Now if you know me Keith Sweat you probably knew Keith Sweat who would be my personal No. 1 pick KEITH SWEAT. But even I’m willing to be objective. This time. Let’s look at the top 10 R&B singers of the 1990s, one of. She had heard the MOST as she put it beautiful male voice singing "O Holy Night" on the radio the other day, and she didn't know the singer's name. It was tormenting her, and she kept on talking about it. I helped her find the singer we're pretty sure by scouring through all the versions of the song available at the iTunes music store. Pages in category "Italian female singers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 229 total. This list may not reflect recent changes. previous page. Best known for his trumpet playing, Louis Armstrong was also a talented jazz singer. His warm, raspy voice delighted audiences, as did his often-humorous scat singing. The joy that Armstrong brought to his music is partly what allowed him to be considered the father of modern jazz.

The same goes for the music business. There is an abundance of black singers that can slay you straight to your soul that get little to no support whereas flimsier white artists like Meghan Trainer have everybody in their corner. There is no better example of this than Adele. She has a good voice. She is. 09/08/2010 · Bands with Male lead singers who have raspy voices? I love rock bands where the lead singer is a male with a raspy voice, like, Kings Of Leon, anyone know of any other groups with male lead singers with sexy raspy voices? Please help me~ I have heard some songs on the radio the X but no idea who it was or what the songs were called. <3 thanks.

With it, she helped usher in a Gypsy Jazz revival and drove a banner year for international French music sales. She sounded like no one else who was out at the time, and was quickly heralded as the new Edith Piaf. With a down-to-earth style and a delightfully raspy voice, Zaz is the kind of performer who would sound good singing the phone book. 25/01/2012 · In fact, his speaking voice is, if anything, a little on the deep side. You'd never know from talking to him that he's capable of hitting such amazing high notes. Lee's unconventional voice sometimes makes it tougher for Rush to appeal to a first-time listener, but it's hard to imagine the group with any other singer at the helm. Her characteristic raspy voice made her stand out from the other female vocalists and gave her synth pop hits a feel all their own. Debbie Harry. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Debbie Harry was co-founder and lead singer of the band Blondie. Male. Some singers that are well-known particularly for their deep voices and rich low registers are as follows: Alex Band The Calling /watch?v.

Giorgia Todrani, best known as Giorgia born April 26, 1971 is an Italian female singer, known for her soulful voice, which is aided by a wide vocal range, high belting register and great vocal abilities. Billboard magazine called her "one of the most popular Italian singers" and stated that "she could have made it in the USA too. Top 100 Male Solo Singers. Author: bonnielaurel. My favourite male singers in pop, rock, soul, jazz and world music. Songs in my top ca. 1000 of all time get two. 5 Great Male Rock Singers. By Velina on December 10,. Natural raspy voice like his is very uncommon among singers. He has a special and rather seductive and instantly captivating voice that cannot be duplicated. Many rockstars, undoubtedly, have rough voices and are famous for that, but no one has a voice like Bruce!

Luther Vandross began his long, successful career as a studio backup singer in the mid-1970's working on projects such as David Bowie's Young Americans album. With the emergence of disco in the late '70s, Luther's silky smooth voice helped create classics by the groups Chic and Change. The Cat may be known more for his voice than his drumming. The famous smoky rasp always added a bit of authenticity to his singing; even now, his crooning is beautiful. 5: 5. Nirvana I don't think anyone communicated angst better than Kurt Cobain. Still, his voice is an acquired taste. I don't think anyone communicated angst better than Kurt. Welcome to MJ Chart! This is a post where we will be posting random post that will competing many category from the music world. Since this is our first post, we would like to give you our Top 10 Best Female Singers All The Time. We asked you to vote for your favourite vocalists, and you made yourselves heard. So here it is, a celebration of the 100 greatest blues singers, from the founders of the genre to the 60s blues-rock revolution, right up to the new voices keeping the scene alive. 26/10/2008 · Hey guys, when you need to clean up a slightly raspy singer on certain songs and what not what do you find are some good tricks, whether it be EQ, compression, what have you. Your input is certainly appreciated. Also, what preamp would you suggest to make the voice sound fuller than can be used in a live situation as well.

Top 10 Russian Rock and Pop male singers. Valery Kipelov. Valery Kipelov is keen on football and consider Ozzy Osbourne as his teacher. In school years, he studied at a music school playing the accordion. His voice became the main success factor of the heavy metal band called “Aria”. Valery writes music by himself, but mainly for lyrical.

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